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Sessions are currently by donation, suggested to be between $5- $250, as you are called to give, after we work together.

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Why By Donation?

Well, It’s not an experiment to see if I can make a living while doing my heart centered service. Nop. It is also not only because I want to make coaching and support available to those who want and need it and I am fed up with coaches saying, “God will take care if you belong here, the money for this $1000 course will come.” Because it often doesn’t just happen that way, and I have the credit card debt to prove it.

The real reason is because, well, we all have issues and charging what they call, “What you are worth,” in the coaching industry, for my work, well it’s one of those issues that um, well, I have. Partly because of how online marketers for coaches sell their programs and how I have been burned and don’t want to pass on the bad juju. But also because well you see- this work isn’t my ego’s work. It is part of what I am here to do. In order to do it, as Steven Pressfield writes about when describing “The Resistance”, I have to actually overcome my ego to do this work, ego is saying stop-no! Taking a set fee out of the equation helps me to keep going and offering and get beyong monkey mind, It releases me from my little ashram hermit of a home and so I can reach out more freely to You without a tangle in my head. No more worrying if people can afford it, or if I can afford to work for that price, or I worry if I am ‘undercharging’ or thinking I am supposed to ‘target those who can afford me, ‘or even those who need pro-bono, which I have been known to do. No.

My experiment is to practice what I preach and see what happens. I know my goals financially; pay for my son’s private school, get out of debt, buy a condo for my mom so that she can finish her life with dignity, go back to India. That’s the Having. And the Doing is this work, supporting those of you that are called to work with me. And then there is the Being, who is BOSS. My intention is that my being is aligned with Spirit, your indwelling true self and with the Divine. And that I am vibrantly rooted, robustly supported and that this work is truly celebratable! If that happens, then even if my having goals are not reached, I am still happy and maybe I will have more energy available to figure out other ways to reach them. So I want to model this Be, Do, Have for you too, not the tired old, unfulfilling Have, Do, Be.

One of my favorite books, the Bhagavad Gita talks about how we have a right to our seva (our soul purpose work and work according to our nature) but that happiness and transcendence is achieved by not clinging to the fruits. It explains that when things are offered in this way, one enters into a divine flow. And so, here I go, wheee. I am happily offering this as my seva to YOU. I hope that my investment will come back to me and that it will support me enough that I can keep doing it. But I am doing it either way, because this is my work to do and I am happy to do it no matter what is the fruit. And so it’s up to you, and your own inner knowing what is right to give back and when and also how. Referrals count too.

In any case, with an open heart and open arms, I would like to welcome you into this circle so you can get support to grow and rise and live up to your highest potential. And I am so excited to joining in this adventure with you! Welcome to the Rejuvenation Circle!