Calendar of Upcoming Major Events with Ananda Goldstein-Damerla M.Ed., PhD Candidate

June 4- Online class on Vibrant Rooting; Making Quantum Leaps from a Reconnected self with the help of the Moons Phases (New Moon Seeding this week). Root Chakra focus.

June 6, ISKCON Harish Israel- Mindful Communication in Vaisnava Relationships

June 21, Online class: Full Moon Celebration of Blessings On Purpose while practice to Let Go of What No Longer Serves. Virtual Fire Sacrifice for Letting Go.

July 5- Online Class New Moon Seeding in Core Truth, Boundaries, Being Robustly Supported and Connecting with others- Chakra two in Making Quantum Leaps with the help of the moons phases

July 20- Full Moon Celebration of Blessings On Purpose Chakra 2- and getting clear of what needs to be Lett Go of what is needed to progress complete with virtual fire sacrifice of energetics that hold us back.

Aug 6- New Moon Focus on 3rd Chakra and being celebratable

September in Pennsylvania (tentative)- Seminar for Physicians and their families on Conscious Communication

(Moon Courses are recurring every new and full moon, and are following the progression of the Chakra System, from bottom to top to facilitate grounded, steady and supported quantum change)


San Diego American Board of Integrative and Holistic Physicians Past Presentation on Mantra Meditation as way to reduce stress, increase clarity of mind and happiness.

  • Presentation to VA Department of Social Change
  • Relationships that Work- Communication Seminar
  • Presentation on Communications skills to a Conference of 150 Physicians and their families, Gita Nagari Farm
  • Assisted a 3 day Seminar of the Satvatove Institute, Gainesville Florida
  • A small selection of seminars Taught at Major Conferences in the Past
  • 2006 From Drama to Dharma- Ompowerment Life Coaching for Yoginis- 3HO Womens Camp
  • Same course taught at Vaisnavi Womens Retreat in New Vrindavana, West Virginia, 2007
  • 2003- The Heart of Yoga- Yoga Philosophy of Love – Greensboro Holistic Fair, GSO NC
  • 2001-4- Yoga On and Off the Mat- A class on the Bhagavad Gita, at Triad Yoga Institute and
  • Guilford College. Guilford, NC.
  • I have also spoken and taught in India and Scandanavia